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Thank You Henry Dela Pena!

The QuakeFinder team would like to thank Henry Dela Pena for his dedicated service to the project.

Henry is our ‘Operations Fellow’ in Southern California and supports the team in maintaining and upgrading our stations and sensors. As of August 25th, he completed his portion of QuakeFinder’s ‘California 2016 Sweep’ – wherein we are visiting every one of our 125 stations in California to perform annual maintenance. Site visits this year also included some key hardware/software upgrades that are making our system even more robust.

Henry’s region is especially challenging as it covers the Mojave desert and other difficult-to-reach and remote sites. He performed his tasks diligently and on schedule completing the sweep of 38 sites – each taking many hours to complete in challenging environments. The QuakeFinder data streams from his region are continuing to flow from those sites flawlessly.

Thank you Henry!

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