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Collaboration in Chile

Tom Bleier and Jon Riley recently travelled to Chile to upgrade the communication systems at several previously installed sites. After getting the upgraded cell and fiber systems working, we focused on developing collaboration partners in Chile who will work with us to develop an operational earthquake warning system in that country. We visited several universities (PUCC – Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, University of Concepción, and UNAB – Universidad Andres Bello), and contacted several commercial companies (EnorChile, GOA Projects and Investments, and General Electric), as well as CIGIDEN – National Research Center for Integrated Natural Disaster Management, to develop those partnerships. PUCC and the CIGIDEN group in Santiago, including Juan Carlos, Juan Soto, and Santiago Barros were very responsive in agreeing to help maintain the initial 4 instruments which QuakeFinder donated, developing a new initiative to help in the research, and to solicit funding to expand the initial network to areas where future large earthquakes may occur. Rodrigo Abarca and Elias Ovalle of the University of Concepción took the lead in adding their expertise in ionospheric studies to the repertoire of electromagnetic phenomena that we wish to study and fuse together. Felipe Lobos is helping maintain the site in Iquique. Miguel Pradenas (UNAB) is helping with the site in Quintay. Ariel Cesped (GE) is helping at El Tabo, and is adding his experience with infrared processing. Overall, a great spirit of cooperation and collaboration in Chile. The photo at the left shows our site in El Tabo, and at Iquique (Atacama Desert) on the right.