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QuakeFinder recognized by the White House/Office of Science, Technology Policy

QuakeFinder was recognized at a White House ceremony on June 20, 2013, during which Obama Administration officials honored 13 leaders and organizations as “Champions of Change”, and 10 individuals and organizations as Open Science Poster Presenters for their work using and promoting open scientific data and publications to grow our economy and improve our world.

A call for nominations issued last month resulted in hundreds of extraordinary candidates across a wide range of scientific disciplines—from biomedicine, archeology, astronomy and medieval writings. QuakeFinder was honored to be selected as one of the 10 Open Science Poster Presenters, in recognition of QuakeFinder’s leading-edge, earthquake-related scientific research.

At the event, the poster presenters were invited to highlight projects and initiatives that are helping make “open” the default for scientific research results and had the opportunity to share with attendees how they will continue to promote open science going forward. QuakeFinder’s poster illustrated how they collect earthquake-related science data from more than 140 instruments around the world, process the raw data into reader-viewable daily plots, and then publish the plots on an open website daily for anyone to view. In addition, they share the raw data with several universities.

In remarks, John P. Holdren, Director of the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy, congratulated the new Champions for their outstanding efforts “to generate, promote, and use open scientific data as fuel for new products, successful businesses, and game-changing scientific insights.” Holdren also emphasized the power and potential benefits of unleashing scientific information for broad use, explaining that “the proposition behind open science is a simple one: more value is derived from scientific results when more people can access and use them.”

About QuakeFinder

QuakeFinder is the world’s leading private research organization focused on creating a system for forecasting major earthquakes. Operating as a humanitarian R&D division of Stellar Solutions and funded primarily by Stellar Solutions, with grants from NASA, and subscriptions, and sponsorships from the public, QuakeFinder has developed the science, technology, infrastructure and expertise that are the foundation for a practical earthquake forecasting solution.

Contact: Tom Bleier