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Welcome Dr. Karl Kappler!

The QuakeFinder team is happy to announce that we are being joined in our Palo Alto office by Dr. Karl Kappler. We are extremely pleased to have Karl onboard as our ‘Chief Scientist’ in charge of algorithm development. In Karl’s role, he will collaborate with the team in designing, implementing and testing algorithms to investigate QuakeFinder’s >70 TB of field-collected electromagnetic sensor data. QuakeFinder’s mission is to save lives by forecasting earthquakes. Having now captured many dozens of earthquakes by our sensor network, the team is turning our full attention to establishing a robust analytical and data management framework and the rapid evaluation of candidate signal processing techniques – all with the goal of uncovering the correlations of pre-seismic electromagnetic (EM) signals to earthquakes. Karl hit the ground running based on his previous support to QuakeFinder as a technical consultant and long–time scientific advocate of our mission. He comes to us with a very impressive professional and educational background in geophysical sciences, mathematics, programming, statistics, and general earthquake domain knowledge. Karl received both his Masters of Science and PhD in Applied Geophysics from University of California, Berkeley. Lest one think he is an ivory-tower scientist, Karl’s field work has dirtied his hands in over 15 countries performing all aspects of geophysical surveys including magnetotellurics and bore hole R&D. He has an extensive work history in the private sector developing software and hardware products and techniques for the geoscience, oil&gas, and sensor industries. In between Karl’s field work, private sector endeavors and education, he has authored or co-authored 12 journal papers and 9 conference papers in the field of EM and holds one patent for signal noise removal. And you’ll find he is a helluva nice guy!