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QuakeFinder’s partnership with the SETI Institute

Today QuakeFinder and the SETI Institute are announcing a new partnership. The goal is to accelerate our research toward a practical system for giving warning of major quakes days to weeks before they occur. (Press Release here.) QuakeFinder has been collaborating with SETI (and NASA Ames) researcher Friedemann Freund for years. In 2009, Tom Bleier and Dr. Freund performed a major experiment together, showing that a 7-ton boulder exhibits the same electrical and magnetic phenomena as Freund observed in his lab, and QuakeFinder records in the field. What’s new is that the partnership has been formalized such that QuakeFinder and the Institute can work better together. ·The 501c3 status of the SETI Institute will allow foundations, corporations, and individuals to make tax-deductible contributions that will be used both to expand the QuakeFinder network and to fund new experiments to solidify the theory and its connection to the real world. Please consider making a donation to support this important work. To learn more, contact: Tom Bleier, at 650-473-9870; or email tbleier@quakefinder.com.

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