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QuakeFinder Publishes Journal Paper

Congratulations to Karl, Dan, Laura and Tom for their recent publication of QF research in Earthquake Science!

“Identification and classification of transient pulses observed in magnetometer array data by time-domain principal component analysis filtering” is the first of three journal papers to be published describing our evolving techniques to understand and characterize electromagnetic signals from our magnetometer array. This particular research was performed in early 2016 and was our first attempt to identify classes of EM ‘pulses’ in our time series data. The 6.0 Napa quake on Aug 24th, 2014 around which QF had four stations, is used as the basis for these analyses. The technique described successfully identified solar activity and also a class of pulses we hypothesize to be earth-emitted. The results of this research helped guide our data science plan in 2016/17 during which we’ve developed additional techniques and tools. The 2nd paper, now in review for publication, describes this technique and the corresponding results. Stay tuned for great things from QF!

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