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QuakeFinder Network detects and characterizes the recent “Mega-Solar Storm” that hit Earth March 16-19.

Space weather affects us on earth and it manifests itself as larger northern light displays, as potential satellite damage, and as potential power outages due to induced currents in power lines. QuakeFinder’s network is able to show how much the magnetic disturbances affect specific areas in California, based on the differences in ground conductivity.     Example 1 Before the solar storm started: Green bars are magnetic index form NOAA space weather website. Green means that there is low solar activity and low magnetic disturbances on earth.   Red plot is the North-South magnetometer at our Parkfield site in central California. Green plot is the East-West magnetometer at Parkfield. Blue plot is the vertical magnetometer at Parkfield. 24 hours across the time axis (Pacific Standard Time and UTC time).       Example 2  During the solar storm where a large signal is observed at a location where there is a known salt water submerged lake (Parkfield): Yellow and red bars show the level of a large magnetic storm (Magnetic index Kp from NOAA Space Weather website). .     These same signals are observed at all our magnetometer sites, but some are lower than others due to ground conductivity. Example 3  During the solar storm but where a smaller signal is observed at a site in a dry mountainous area:  

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  1. paris57 says:

    Do you think that these currents could also be responsible for cell phones and other internet connection to frazil and sometimes overheating? Also it seems that when there are excessive rain storms, as I recall growing up in California’s city, San Jose, it was inevitable that there would be an earthquake. Now however; I reside in Brighton, TN, and I have been extremely sensitive to feeling the slightest movement. One recently, as I was in the chair of the eye doctor, the ground swayed or suddenly shifted, and I felt nauseous and dizzy! No, I was not drinking! It has been quite humid here and I believe that this also has some sort of a factor! I’m by no means a Physical Scientist, but I have a great interest in earthquakes and Tornadoes! Please let me know how I can be of assistance out here!