Quakefinder Blog

Network Expansion

We are excited to announce QuakeFinder has completed a major expansion of its network of instruments designed to detect electromagnetic signals that precede earthquakes. This expansion brings the total number of worldwide instrument sites to over 75. By mid February 2012, we had replaced or upgrade 37 old sites, added 18 new sites in California, and 8 more in Peru and Taiwan. Europe was also added to our network during this expansion, with 4 new sites in Greece. As we continue to expand and improve the network, QuakeFinder plans to build and install 62 new instruments during 2012. Of these there will be 50 new instruments in California, 13 will be replacements to phase out the remaining old units, and 37 will fill in various gaps in coverage in this key state. Negotiations are currently underway to install the remaining 12 new units in Peru, Greece, Turkey and Chile.

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