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Mexico M7.4 and Chile M7.1 Earthquakes

On Tuesday, March 20th we were reminded how large earthquakes can strike at any time along the Pacific “Ring of Fire” when a M7.4 earthquake occurred in Oaxaca, Mexico. This was followed by a M7.1 136 miles south of Santiago, Chile on March 25th. QuakeFinder will add 62 units this year to our network of magnetometers and air conductivity instruments in California and several international locations in our expanding effort to develop a reliable short-term earthquake forecasting technology. Short term for us means several days warning prior to the quake. While we do not have any instruments in Mexico or Chile at this time, we are actively searching for university collaborators who can help us install our monitors in areas with high seismic risk. Please contact Tom Bleier at QuakeFinder if you have an interest in this research or would like to become a sponsor.

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