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M6.9 Quake off Coast of Northern California

There was a major earthquake (M6.9) off the northern coast of California on Sunday, March 9, 2014, about 50 miles west of Eureka.
  • Geographic coordinates: 40.821N, 125.128W
  • Magnitude: 6.9
  • Depth: 7 km
  • Universal Time (UTC): 10 Mar 2014  05:18:12
  • Time near the Epicenter: 9 Mar 2014  21:18:12
QuakeFinder has several sites near the north coast. The closest site, Ferndale (site number 830) is located 47 miles east of  the epicenter (which was near the “Triple Junction” of 3 fault lines). Although our anticipated range of detection for precursor signals is approximately 10 miles, we performed a preliminary analysis of our data (including from 6 additional nearby sites) to determine if there were any subtle indications before the quake. So far, as expected, we have not seen any indications in the data. Analysis continues.        

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