Hosting a Research Station

QuakeFinder is looking for additional sensor sites to expand its network along the “Ring of Fire”. Companies, colleges, organizations, and landowners can support earthquake forecasting research by hosting a site on their property.

Location Preferences:

Sensors must be located near enough to faults to detect electromagnetic effects and must be distributed along the fault to provide maximum coverage with the minimum number of sites. Good sites are located:

  • Domestic: in California, Nevada, Oregon, Seattle, Alaska (others?)
  • International: in active earthquake region (we are in Taiwan, Peru, and Greece already)
  • Within 2 km of a major fault
  • Not closer than 30 km to another sensor
  • Away from magnetic noise

If you are interested in joining the many others hosting a station in our community, please complete and submit the form below so we can evaluate your site. We’ll let you know whether or not it fits our needs.

Apply Now:

Thank you for your interest in hosting a QuakeFinder instrument site. Please complete the survey below and we will evaluate whether your site meets the project’s needs, and let you know either way. We appreciate your support!

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