About QuakeFinder

QuakeFinder’s mission is to save lives by finding a way to forecast major earthquakes.

QuakeFinder operates as a humanitarian research project of aerospace engineering firm Stellar Solutions. The project’s goal is to develop technology and methods for detection and analysis of electromagnetic earthquake precursors to produce earthquake forecasts based on sound scientific theory and practice.

Electromagnetic Data Collection Network

QuakeFinder operates an extensive network of instruments monitoring ultra-low frequency electromagnetic emissions in earthquake-prone regions including California, Peru, Taiwan. and Greece. It is constantly expanding the network to increase the likelihood of capturing data from more quakes. Data recorded by QuakeFinder instruments is transmitted to a data center in Palo Alto, CA where it is analyzed using algorithms invented and developed by QuakeFinder. The processed data is available free of charge to the public on the Data page of this site.


To date, retrospective analysis has revealed apparent earthquake signatures for three significant quakes. If these patterns are observed in prospective data analysis, appropriate local authorities will be alerted. QuakeFinder does not provide forecasts or predictions to the public. QuakeFinder researchers regularly examine and interpret the processed data and prepare research analysis reports available to subscribers.

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QuakeFinder One Pager