QuakeFinder Presents at GEOINT2019

QuakeFinder will be presenting a Lightning Talk at the GEOINT 2019 Conference in San Antonio, TX. Catch us in the 2:25-3:15 session on Tuesday, June 4! Continue Reading

Stanford study casts doubt on the predictive value of earthquake foreshocks

Stanford-led study questions previous findings about the value of foreshocks as warning signs that a big earthquake is coming, instead showing them to be indistinguishable from ordinary earthquakes. Read The Full Article Continue Reading

QuakeFinder’s STEM Project Featured in California

QuakeFinder’s STEM Project is featured in The Tri-City Voice Newspaper QuakeFinder’s Tom Bleier has been working with over a dozen high schools in the Bay Area installing our specialized sensors. Science students are gaining hands-on experience and supporting our earthquake research. These schools are located near the Hayward Fault – a key area for QuakeFinder for collecting pre-seismic electromagnetic data. Students assist with installation of the equipment and processing of the data. Read The Full Artic [...] Continue Reading

112th Anniversary of the 1906 SF Earthquake

On April 18th, 1906 at approximately 5:12 am, San Francisco was struck with a M7.9 earthquake. Between the 60 seconds of extreme shaking and the resulting 4-day long fire, over 80% of the city was left in ruins. Approximately 3000 lives were lost. Video photography was still in its infancy in 1906 when the now-famous Miles Brothers opened a film studio in SF one month prior to the quake. A Trip Down Market Street, a 8-minute piece, was shot 4 days before the earthquake. On the way to New York with that film, the Miles Brothers hear [...] Continue Reading

QuakeFinder Q1 Newsletter: “False Alarms”

“False Alarms” in Forecasting This newsletter is a continuation of our series of studies into the sociological aspects of natural disaster forecasting. The intent of these studies is to help QuakeFinder appreciate both the technical and non-technical implications of our evolving technology. We seek to enable an earthquake forecasting system and save lives. Understanding the societal impacts of forecasting will help guide us in our quest. In this newsletter, we introduce false alarms in disaster forecasting and provide a few re [...] Continue Reading